five-axis milling

Nedcam Solutions B.V.

We primarily mill wood/MDF, foams, plastics and aluminum.

Three-axis milling:
In three-axis milling, the rapidly rotating chisel hangs in a fixed head. This milling head can only move the chisel in X and Y directions (in the plane) and the Z direction (in the height). We use this technique for flat work such as contour milling in sheet metal, milling interiors and simple 3D shapes.

Five-axis milling:
In five-axis milling, the milling head can rotate in two additional directions. This allows the chisel to be perpendicular to the (even highly curved) surface as much as possible during the milling process. As a result, the steps between successive milling paths are taken optimally relative to the curved surface, resulting in a beautifully smooth surface. As far as the milling cutter allows, even undercuts are possible. We use this technique for milling complex 3D shapes, cutting out products or stripping production flanges and milling scale models up to 26 meters of master mold.

In order to mill as efficiently as possible and offer as much variety as possible, we utilize not only our own milling capacity but also that of our strategic partners.

In addition to our own 5-axis milling facilities, we work closely with partners who also have various machining centers. We mill wood and light metals up to 20 meters and for heavy work we use a portal cutter with a range of 4000 x 3000 x 1500 mm.

The high standard ensures trouble-free productions for our customers.
The molds are designed in house. All the necessary features are included in the molds in this way so that the technique matches the resources at the client’s site.