Nedcam specializes in the production of molds for serial production. Our molds are produced through strict regulations to meet the high standards of our customers. The molds are used in many different industries; yacht building, wind industry, automotive and more.

In consultation with our clients, Nedcam produces not only composite molds but also direct molds for small series and molds from aluminum/steel.

The molds are usable immediately after delivery. Nedcam ships the molds worldwide, with a focus on Europe.

The high standard ensures trouble-free productions for our customers.
The molds are designed in house. All the necessary features are included in the molds in this way so that the technique matches the resources at the client’s site.

Possible features are:


  • Divisible molds;
  • Provisions due to complex unloading;
  • Supplies for vacuum infusion;
  • Heatable molds;
  • RTM (light) molds.