Perhaps the greatest added value of Nedcam and its network is that in addition to coming up with good solutions for materialization and production, it also takes on all or part of the engineering of the projects. With a team of well-trained CAD-CAM engineers and a network of engineering firms, Nedcam often manages to shape the most complex projects.

In this, Nedcam relieves in the following main themes:

  • Converting 2D to 3D drawings
  • Developing design drawings for various components including moulds or dies
  • 3D scanning and conversion of products to 3D CAD drawings
  • Creating a 3D CAD FEM (Finite Element Method) design analysis & strength calculations.
  • Constructing façade element drawings and construction / assembly systems

During project development, Nedcam supports various materials research and testing in which recyclability and sustainability are prioritized. In this, in particular, Nedcam works a lot with the universities and colleges.