Sustainability is a broad term that in this day and age everyone likes to commit to. For Nedcam, this is obviously also a must. The company policy is therefore entirely based on this.
Strong consideration is given in choices made in advice for project implementation. But also the facilities and processes Nedcam is working on and building are based on reducing its footprint and supporting the climate agreement.


Some key examples that Nedcam is shaping:


  1. The facilities are equipped with as many solar panels as possible and heat is largely provided by ground and air source heat pumps;
  2. Nedcam is working on the major transition to replace thermosets with recyclable thermoplastics as much as possible. Through Large Scale 3D Printing, Nedcam is able to transform its own process into a circular one;
  3. Together with Anker Stuy, Nedcam is working on a new gelcoat system. This gelcoat has been developed completely styrene- and emission-free and offers unique UV stability. In addition, the gelcoat has very high color and gloss retention and is water repellent. This makes it perfect to use for molds and products for the composites industry;
  4. After years of development and gaining experience, Nedcam is now breaking through with its unique lightweight and durable A1 facade system.
    In it, Nedcam makes a major contribution to a low LCA and thus a very good Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG) score;
  5. Nedcam uses sustainable and biobased materials as much as possible. And other materials such as EPS are made suitable for reuse.