CNC Milling


Nedcam has a large range of high quality CNC milling and machining machines. 3-axis milling:
In three-axis milling, the rapidly rotating cutter hangs in a fixed head. This cutter head can only move the cutter in X and Y directions (in the plane) and the Z direction (in the height). We use this technique for flat work such as contour milling in sheet metal, milling interiors and simple 3D shapes.

5-axis milling:
In 5-axis milling, the milling head can rotate in two additional directions. This allows the cutter to be as perpendicular as possible – simultaneous to the (even highly curved) surface during milling. As a result, the steps between successive milling paths are taken optimally relative to the curved surface, resulting in a beautifully smooth surface. If the milling tool allows it, even undercuts are possible. We use this technique for milling complex 3D shapes up to a range of up to 26 meters in length.

Did you know that we even mill aluminum to an accuracy of 0.01 mm?