TRIBOO AND NEDCAM: Never ending Furniture!

14 February 2022

We are proud of our partnership with TRIBOO!
TRIBOO turns worthless waste into valuable circular office furniture, and we are an international leader in making complex shapes.
Together we are bringing a circular collection of 3D printed furniture to market under the brand NeverEnding Furniture. Circular Dutch Design through which they make the circular economy and waste-free society visible in the interior in a high-profile way.

In this way we not only make furniture but also take responsibility for the raw materials and thus close the cycle. All furniture is NeverEnding and can be returned at the end of its useful life. The customer receives the raw material value back upon return after which the furniture is converted into new raw material for the printer. After this, it is turned into another 3D printed piece of furniture and the circle is complete again!

Read the entire article on the Triboo website!

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