We are looking for a Geschäftsführer Rhede (D)

Nedcam GmbH
Focus on technology & innovation
Location: Rhede (D)


About Nedcam GmbH

Nedcam GmbH in Rhede (Kreis Borken), 15 km from the Dutch border near Aalten, produces moulds, models, prototypes and complete products from various materials based on digital 2D and 3D designs with high-quality 5-axis CNC machines. Markets include shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, foundries and construction. Customers are mainly located in Germany.

Nedcam GmbH has 4 buildings in Rhede with around 9,000 m2 of production area. With around 50 employees, turnover is currently around €7M.  Rhede has 20,000 inhabitants and is located between Bocholt and Borken. Arnhem is 60 km away, Oberhausen 45 km away, Enschede 50 km away and Münster 70 km away.

Nedcam Holding’s head office is located in Heerenveen (NL). In 2023, a company in Rhede was bought and added to the group. Both companies have been working together for 20 years. The company in Heerenveen also has around 50 employees. Nedcam Holding is 40% owned by the two founders, the remaining 60% by an investment company. Nedcam is growing rapidly, mainly through continuous innovation and focus on sustainability.

The former owner of Modellbau Nachtigall / Nedcam GmbH is retiring; to succeed him, we are looking for a Geschäftsführer oder Betriebsleiter.


Geschäftsführer Rhede (D)

In Rhede, Nedcam GmbH has 5 large 5-axis milling machines, with a working area of up to 20x6x3 metres. Models made of steel, aluminium or composite are produced in these milling machines. Both the engineering and production of the moulds take place at Nedcam GmbH. The moulds are used by customers for serial production of composite parts, up to complete hulls of yachts.

The sister company Nedcam BV in Heerenveen (NL) is involved in 3D printing of recyclable moulds in addition to the production of moulds. In doing so, it aims to work towards “a fully circular” process. The two companies complement each other perfectly.

As Geschäftsführer, you have statutory authority and P&L responsibility for Nedcam GmbH. You focus on all facets of operations; commercial, technical, organisational financial, quality and delivery reliability. Together with the employees, you will implement the necessary modernisation and thereby improve the overall business operations and profitability. The initial focus is mainly on technology: project management, engineering, production management, delivery performance, innovation, quality and costs. In addition, investments in people and machines (e.g. 3D printing) will be required in the coming years. It goes without saying that safety is your number one priority. You will directly supervise the Production Manager, Engineering Manager, a sales employee and the administration.

You will be supported from Nedcam Holding for sales, marketing, finance & control. Nedcam GmbH will fulfil an increasing degree of independence and you can develop further to become a member of the board of Nedcam Holding.


Who are we looking for?

You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering, with relevant work experience in the industry (CAD-CAM, composites, mould/modelling). You are a German national or have a command of German. You have experience as a Manager / Geschäftsführer in Germany. You are visionary, innovative, active, committed and inspiring.

You have demonstrable experience with Lean and are focused on improvement and growth with your team. You speak excellent German and good English, proficiency in Dutch is an advantage.


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